Please read and share these important reminders about RTBB games at our schools and be a role model for others by strictly adhering to these guidelines:

  • Nobody other than coaches should bring any balls into our schools.  This includes all players and attendees.
  • All children must be actively supervised by a responsible adult.  Minors should not be dropped off and left unattended in the schools (i.e. alone or only with friends).
  • Everyone must follow the RT Youth Sports Code of Conduct;.  All players, coaches and attendees should behave as if school were in session, demonstrate good sportsmanship and most importantly, respect other people and school property at all times.
  • Know that access is strictly limited to our assigned gym, the nearest bathrooms and direct hallways to and from those areas.  All other areas are strictly off limits.
  • Be mindful of visible barriers and signage on the stage in the Copeland gym.  Anyone there must stay behind the ropes, remain seated on the edge of the stage (no standing) and space permitting, should stay outside of the area directly behind the basket.
  • The game clock and scoreboard should be operated by at least one adult volunteer.  They should be assigned by the head coach of the home team before the game is scheduled to start.
  • Non-participants are not allowed on the basketball court or in bench and scoring areas.  Access is limited to players, coaches and assigned scorekeepers for each scheduled game.
  • Keep our schools and gyms clean.  Before leaving, everyone should make sure that all trash is properly disposed of and no personal items are left behind.

Please email or reach out to any of our board members if you ever have any questions or concerns.  We really appreciate your ongoing support and help to have a positive finish to our season.

Thank you.